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Post  RavenCorella on 30/5/2015, 14:40

Acolyte - [2] - Mousaad

After completing their basic tests and proving their loyalty to the master, Initiates move onto the next rank, which is Acolyte. The Acolytes are the basic and most commonly ranked force members and are the raw power of the clan. The Acolytes are responsible for guarding the Wrath Fort and are used on a daily basis on the front lines.

Special equipment
Crossbow - A very efficient and quiet weapon. It is mainly used instead of rifles because it is relatively quiet and won't reveal an assassin's position. The bolts can be changed to get maximum damage, damage over time or range.


Starting with the acolyte rank, members are listed in the forums.
Their topic is moved up/down depending on whether they got promoted or demoted.
Each Acolyte requires to have a character sheet.
In order to pass to the next rank and gain basic knowledge about the Wrath force's purpose, Acolytes may meet these requirements:

[x] Have a forum account;
[x] Have general knowledge of our system (Gotta read all guides);
[x] Have their current character as the main account. (Meaning that players who join the clan with alternative accounts will not progress any further)


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