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Nero Sanchéz - That_Wrath_Nero

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Character info
IC name: Nero Sanchéz
Code name: That_Wrath_Nero
Chosen faction: Rebellion
Shadow Walker: Yes
Preferred weapon: Explosives
Special title: TBA

Personalized character
Custom Skin, ID 284

No custom mod as of yet.
Character story
Nero Sánchez was born 1937 in A mexican city named Cenetario, next to the border of the United States where he lived unharmed until he went to San Andreas with 7 years.
His Family went to Las Payasadas, where his father, Ricardo Sánchez became a well trusted mayor after only 5 years of settelling there.
When the war started in 1950 the uprising rebels went into the north of San Andreas. So they just came into the town and barricated themselves there.
In January 1955 there was another attack. The imperials used bomber. The battle was devestating.
After Nero escaped the horribly desructed battleground, Oren, his brother, took him to lumber camp, the main base of the Imperials. Oren forced Nero to join the
Imperials with him with the reason that they are the good ones.
Yet he soon realized the propaganda mechanics behind the system and took the chance to switch the sides the first time he had one.
Now that he was a rebel he still didn't know what to do. He went trough multiple "Clans" and ended up in the A.O.D. Not long ago an Imperial named "Phoenix", who spectated Nero for a few weeks, made him an offer to join the Wrath Force. After being told the ideals of the clan and comparing them with his wishes he came to the result to join.

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