The In-game Rules

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The In-game Rules

Post  Huang on 22/11/2014, 14:16

1. Do not use sparrows and tanks
Sparows and tanks have always caused
trouble when it goes to our clan respect.
Therefore The Wrath Force must NOT use them.
Avoid using sparrows and tanks, unless the
permission is granted by a trainer/staff member.

Bombers CAN be used.

2. Avoid direct conflicts with other players
Our attitude is being watched, therefore,
DO NOT go in direct conflicts with players.
Be respectful if you want our clan to be respected!

3. Wrath clan mates
The members of the clan are from both factions.
It is important that you refrain from killing one another.
If you see a player with That_Wrath tag, you must not kill them.

Note: You are allowed to kill one another in any events created by administrators.

4. Inactivity
Do not go inactive for more than a MONTH. 
Doing so will get you KICKED from the clan.
If you wish to go inactive, please ANNOUNCE us
by sending a PM or making a new topic here.

5. Do not hack or abuse bugs
It is strictly against the rules to employ the use of hacks or any
advantage-giving modification. This includes (but is not limited
 the use of s0beit hacks or any advantage-giving cleo mods.
Hackers will be banned without any chance of being unbanned.

6. Do not advertise other servers
Advertisement comes in many forms. It is strictly against the rules to tell
the IP address of a foreign SAMP server to another player or advertise any
SAMP-related project. This will be dealt with in the same manner that
hackers are dealt with. Players who choose to work for other servers
will not be given special privelages on That War Server. This includes
Jedi/Sith status or a spot on That War Server's administration team.
We take loyalty very seriously on That War Server.

7. Do not ruin roleplay sessions
Although this is a team deathmatch server, the community
sometimes engages in what is known as 'Roleplay sessions'.
Many of the players take these very seriously. Those who choose
to disrupt these roleplay sessions will be kicked without hesitation.
If you interrupt roleplays more than once, you will be temp-banned.

8. Do not disrespect Administrators
The staff of That War Server is here to ensure everybody
has an enjoyable time when they play here. They're always
doing what is in everybody's best interest and it's important
to obey what they say. Show them respect by not annoying
them with requests. When they are busy, respect that.
Administrators have the final say in everything.

9. Do not spam
Do not repeat yourself multiple times in the chat box.
This annoys other players and floods overs what they
have to say. Using caps lock is allowed, but spamming
with caps lock too often will result in a mute.
Do not test this rule or you will be banned.

10. Do not bully
That War Server is a place where many players
have known each other for a long time. It is very
important to welcome new players to our circle of
friends so that our community may grow. Do not make
players feel unwelcome or isolated. This includes racism.
A majority of the players have been through a great deal
of struggles together and will stick together no matter what.

11. Do not say /q jokes
If you make a /q joke, you will be kicked
or temporarily banned. This is not funny.
People who make these jokes are childish.

12. Do not spawnkill
Do not repeatedly kill members of the opposing team without
giving them enough time to move away from their spawnpoint.
If they shoot you immediately after they spawn however, you
ARE allowed to defend yourself. Remember that spawnkilling
harms the community and makes players want to leave the
server. Our community is more important than getting points!
Spawnkilling is unfair and it makes players want to log off.

13. Do not benefit from hacks
It is strictly against the rules to employ the assistance of hacks.
If there is proof that a player indirectly benefits from the use of
hacks or advantage-giving modifications, they will be banned.
Do not work with hackers, or touch any hacked money at all.

14. Do not threaten the server's well-being
There have been several incidents in the past that have
REQUIRED us to be vigilant in our efforts to maintain the
well-being of our community and we wish to keep it free
from all harm at all costs. If you know anything that is
suspicious, or out-of-the-ordinary, let an admin know.
Do not do ANYTHING that would directly conflict with
the good-willed intentions of our community's
owners, developers, and the administration.

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