How can this be a RED + BLUE clan!?

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How can this be a RED + BLUE clan!?

Post  RavenCorella on 30/5/2015, 19:59

You might have asked yourself that question a few times as you thought about joining us... Well, I will break it down for you.

The league of Assassins sent Phoenix to San Andreas to end the war in order to complete his ascension to Ra's Al Ghul. In order to end the war, Phoenix developed a plan to devour the factions from within and use any resources available. Phoenix will recruit capable soldiers from both the Blue Empire and the Red rebellion and use them to do his bidding and end the war as soon as possible.

The main purpose of a Wrath member is to infiltrate their faction and get the highest ranks so there could be peace at some point, but in order to do that, they must remain hidden to the public eye. Nobody except experienced Wrath members get the chance to know the true intention of the clan.

How will the red + blue concept function?
To begin with, if you see an enemy faction That_Wrath player, you won't be allowed to kill them. That is the very first principle guiding us in combat. We will have roleplays in which we will have both red and blue team players cooperate to complete a goal. There will be awesome training sessions and much more we could do as script enemies.

The main reason for this, is for players who's characters want peace rather than war, and who are willing to leave their hatred aside to forge a better future.


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