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Roleplay guide

Post  Huang on 22/11/2014, 14:23

1.Roleplay definition
2.In-Character (IC)
3.Out of Character (OOC)
4.Metagame (MG)
5.Powergame (PG)

How to properly use /me !!!
/me is used to describe your character's action.

What you should keep in mind, is that the server takes place in 1950's, and you should NOT rp smart phones, super technology, etc.

So, when using /me, the proper way to do it is /me [action]. Attention: The verb must be conjugated at 3rd person, single, meaning you have to add an 's' after your verb.

Example : Yellow = Verb, Red = termination
/me walks away from the building as he planted a bomb
/me grabs a cup of coffee, sipping from it.
/me runs towards the car, entering it.
/me begins to shoot at the enemy.

Roleplay (RP) - Taking a role, and playing it. Sa-MP|Minecraft|Runescape world the word "Roleplay" is defined as "Acting as In Real Life". Roleplay is the main reason why Roleplay servers are being created, as roleplay is always fun as long as it's realistic and roleplay rules are not broken, read below.


In Character (IC) - Information and things which involve only YOUR CHARACTER. Your character driving, eating, working, chilling and so on...


Out of Character (OOC) -Shortly put, OOC is the information related to you, in the real life.
Let's say, you're in a roleplay, OOC is everything which isn't related directly with the roleplay.

If you want to type something OOCly, you MUST use /pm, /l or ((your text here))

Very important note : Do not use smileys (IE. : ), : D, etc.) and abbreviations (IE : brb, omg, wtf )


Metagaming (MG) -

Using OOC information IC. This is rulebreaking, which is not tolerated and forbidden. Bassicly, you find out In Character information by Out Of Character actions.

Example: Buckles meets Raven, while Buck doesn't know Raven's name. He looks above his head to a tag, reads it and says: "Hi, Raven". This is most common metagaming example. In Real Life there isn't any tags above your head which would describe your name, but in SA-MP there is.

A right way to get another person's name is asking them. "Hi, what's your name, I'm Buck!" Raven replies: "Hey Buck, I'm Raven, nice to meet you!" - Right way to get the name, without metagaming!


Powergaming (PG) - Either forcing another player into a RP situation, which ends in the other player's disadvantage, or doing unrealistic things, which you couldn't make IRL, such as roleplaying taking out a tank from your back pocket, you can't do that in real life, or can you?
Here is few examples:

First example: You want to kill Person B. Let's name him, Russ.
/[me] shoots Russ from his bow and kills him - .WRONG.
You have forced him into a RP situation, where he must commit suicide. You must let him to resist.

* Max aims at Russ's head and shoots.
Do the bullet hit him? - RIGHT.
He can resist now, by either jumping, crouching, or whatever he can do with realistic roleplay.

The second example: doing unrealistic things.
* Max takes a can and throws it full power, and it falls to the moon. - .WRONG.
No one could do that In Real Life. You must be realistic!.

Sadly, people abuse the powergaming rule, since they are so smart and tough that they think they can resist everything.


Weapon from ass(asspulling) - Non-RPing taking a gun out of inventory aka scrolling to change/draw a weapon. , so if possible, you should Rply take your weapon out with /[me], but it isn't required.

Example: /[me] takes out a bow from his back.

Weapon in ass - Vice Versa to Weapon from Ass, should be roleplayed too.

Example: /[me] puts his bow on his back.


For an extended role-playing guide, click here.

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