Vader O' William

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Vader O' William

Post  Darth Vader on 28/6/2015, 14:21

Character info
IC name: Vader O' William
Code name: Vader
Chosen faction: The Blue Empire
Shadow Walker: No
Preferred weapon: Rifle and Deagle
Special title: None

Personalized character


Character story
Vader was born on 1935,Russia. He was the son of a Necromancer, his childhood was not normal,he went through alot of hardships and pain at a very young age. At the age of 20 he went to live in the northern parts of the america,sanandreas. Every thing was going normal at that time, for his livings he used to catch fishes and then later on  sell them to the fishing coastlines,but later on a war broke out which was causing  blood shed and riot  every where so therefore vader decided to put an end to this blood shed and joined the blue empire ,there he met a man named phoneix and decided to serve him and joined his group as his anim was also to put an end to this war.

Dont Underestimate the power of the Dark Side
Darth Vader

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