Wrath clan summer training session/car thief chase

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Wrath clan summer training session/car thief chase

Post  RavenCorella on 13/6/2015, 21:14

On 13th of June, 1957, Phoenix summoned all of his available members for a training session.

At first, they flew from the Wrath fort with stunt planes to the rebel airport, then took rustlers and paratrooped on Pilot's base. From there, they drove to Bayside where they set up a camp then stealthily went through Bayside and reached San Fierro.

In San Fierro, while training they heard a store alarm. They spotted a car thief which broke in and tried to run off with a brand new vehicle. The Wrath members intercepted and caught him. The thief tried to run from the police which nearly arrived at the scene and was executed.

In the end, each member was rewarded with 200$

((Open the images in a new tab for full resolution))

The full list of members who participated:


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