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Kevin Alquebas

Post  Kevin Alquebas on 8/6/2015, 06:10

Character info
IC name: Kevin Alquebas
Code name: Kev
Chosen faction: The Blue Empire
Shadow Walker: Huang
Preferred weapon: Deagle and Shotgun.
Special title: None.

Personalized character

Character story
Kevin was born in 1930 at a young age. He joined the war with his family to fight for the their town. Rebels attacked the their village killing all innocent people.1 year later Kevin joined the Empire led by The "Emperor" once he joined the Empire,.. The Emperor tested his skills in combat-... The Emperor brigns kevin to a Training camp from whom all of the Imperials train,. Kevin trained hard and hard until he succeed and finish the course the Emperor was proud of his.... 1 Day The Emperor said "You're one of my best soldier, Kevin", Kevin was pleased when the Emperor said that, a Few days later...
He met a Imperial named "Phoenix". Phoenix asked me to join his group the "Wrath" Force, The squad was a League of Assassin's. I accepted the offer that he gave me, after that.. He met the members of the group. Huang the apprentice,Will,Jayce,Bj,Vickz etc...
Kevin is now in the group of "Wrath"... The man 'Phoenix' trained him hard to kill Rebel's and Intruders that who will threathen the clan..
Kevin whispers to himself "My life is here in the Blue Empire, our food, ammo.. i must protect it... I'll do my best.. to protect the Blue Empire i'll risk my life.. but i do not care even if i die or not.."

Kevin Alquebas

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Re: Kevin Alquebas

Post  RavenCorella on 13/6/2015, 20:57

Kevin has been promoted to Disciple on 13/06/1957.

Huang has been assigned as your Shadow Walker trainer.
You receive all the proper equipment given to disciples and below RPly..


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