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Roy Brooks

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Character info
IC name: Roy Brooks
Code name: That_Wrath_Roy
Chosen faction: Empire [ blue ]
Shadow Walker: None
Preferred weapon: Sniper/Silenced-Pistol
Special title: Roy "Copycat" Brooks

Personalized character

Character story
Date of birth: unrecorded. Some say around 1927 in the summer.
Age - 30 years (more or less)
Name given at birth - Iron Cheng.
Nationality - Japan.

Summery -
Roy Brooks is a name that Iron has taken for himself after a lot of encounters in the war. Roy is his brother's name but both do not know if the other is still alive, they intend to keep it that way.

The first years of Roy's life were good years, happy times. Back at 1930 Roy and his brother were in school in America - California. Once world war II started there was a discrimination against American - Japanese people and they were basically treated as hostages of the country.  

It was only when his father and mother were taken in by the country and eventually died out of starvation that Iron became Roy, a peacekeeper. One that wished that no wars should ever happen to a child, or a human.

Pheonix decided to recruit Roy's Brother but he declined, so then he located Roy and he gladly accepted.

Roy's skills are : Recon, Stealth, Parkour
Roy's Weaknesses : Fighting with a close range weapon(unless it is a silenced pistol).

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