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Huang Lee

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Character info
IC name: Huang Lee
Code name: Samet
Chosen faction: The Blue Empire
Shadow Walker: None
Preferred weapons: Crossbow and revolver
Special title: None

Character story

Nothing much known about Huang Lee prior to the second World War, other than he had been through the war. He fought in the second World War in Asia alongside a group called 'The Tenno'.

Two years after the second World War, Lee and the Tenno experienced major breakdowns, after a war occured between the Tenno and increasing number of Yakuza members in Asia. The most substantial event occured in 1948, where a large group of proclaimed Yakuza members set up an ambush at the Tenno hideout.

Nothing was left standing after the ambush, except for a few Tenno members which include Lee and other Tenno emissaries. As a result, the Tenno set up a manhunt against each of the individual responsible for crippling the Tenno.

In 1956, Lee was sent to San Andreas to seek revenge against the Red Rebellion group who killed one of the Tenno leaders, as well as supposedly bringing justice into the country. Months later, the Tenno clan was disbanded and its leader known as the 'Tenno Grand Master' was not present in the war, until the next year where he made a comeback.

Today, the Tenno Grand Master is known as 'Phoenix' who appears to be a member of the League of Assassins, who leads a squad called 'The Wrath Force'. Lee is currently the apprentice of the squad, and is operating under Phoenix's command. The duo has been fighting alongside for a decade.

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