Shaco Kenro - Jayce

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Shaco Kenro - Jayce

Post  That_Wrath_Jayce on 3/6/2015, 14:44

Character info
IC name:  Jayce Kenro
Code name: Shaco
Chosen faction:  The Blue Empire
Shadow Walker: Phoenix
Preferred weapon: Silenced Pistol.
Special title: The Demon Jester

Personalized character download/lfrmm95lcv0cjcj/

Character story

Jayce Kenro the son of Ray Kenro, the owner of Las Venturas Circus, was born on the 23rd of december 1932. He worked with his father in the circus until his father got sick and can no longer do his job so he took his place until his father was about to die.

He had to sell the circus to get the money for the medecin. He bought the medicine but he couldn't save his father, it was too late.

He had nowhere to go but the circus accepted him to work with them. He then became a Jester until one day a gang invaded the circus and killed everybody.

He managed to stay alive and run away but after what he saw he became wicked. He hunted the gang one by one and he enjoyed torturing them. Everytime he torture somebody he laughed so hard.

( How Jayce laughs when torturing somebody)

After that Phoenix found him and helped him out of his insanity. Than he recruited him for the empire and the "Wrath" league of assassins.

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Re: Shaco Kenro - Jayce

Post  RavenCorella on 13/6/2015, 21:34

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Phoenix is assigned as his shadow walker.


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