About: Arabic names/ranks & other

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About: Arabic names/ranks & other

Post  RavenCorella on 30/5/2015, 16:34

The League's members take new names in the Arabic language; it appears that learning that language may be a requirement of membership, as many League members (even those whose native language is not Arabic) have been shown speaking it.

It is a clan tradition, so to speak, and every member who abandons their previous life and dedicate themselves to a new one get a new name or title which describe their personality or past. On top of that, all clan members above the 'disciple' rank may speak Arabic ICly and they can use the language as an advantage in roleplays.

Each member has his/her signature weapon. During the course of their training members train to master all kinds of weaponry but eventually specialize in one weapon, and that will be the one they will carry with them at all times during their missions.


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