About the League & the Wrath Force

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About the League & the Wrath Force

Post  RavenCorella on 30/5/2015, 16:17

   The League of Assassins was created to hunt down and kill people deemed a danger to society and the world at large, and has done so for many years, resulting in thousands of people killed. All of its members go through a harsh and bitter training that leaves it's trainees either dead or at the peak of human physical condition, so much that they rarely feel pain itself. They are all trained in the arts of swordsmanship, archery, stealth and killing in both the quickest and most discreetest of methods or to make it painful and last for days. All of it's members also seem very devoted to Ra's as many of them have been seen killing themselves for the league, allowing Ra's to kill them simply for him to train himself and will carry out his orders without question.

  The league also has a deep code of honor and those who violate the code are hunted down and killed by Ra's personally. The league also does not allow any of its members to leave unless they want to die and anyone who tries to run away from the league is hunted down and returned, alive or dead, or if they are unreachable and have families, the families are targeted instead.
   The league tends to be very old fashioned in a lot of things, including communication methods, such as invisible ink that is made visible when exposed to a flame and signal messages, and their sense of justice. They also prefer bows and arrow, staffs, and other weapons from medieval times. They do, however use cellphones as a form of communication. They also train their members so they can escape from any prison.
    Members are also sent out with a poison that kills the user quickly and painlessly for members to use in the event they are captured to prevent interrogation

Now, as for The "Wrath" force...
The Wrath force is a small squad, part of the League of Assassins. Its purpose is to have members infiltrate both the Rebellion and the Empire's highest ranks and devour the factions from within in an attempt to stop the war. The Wrath force handles many missions which involves both the rebellion and the Empire and sometimes uses their faction members to do their bidding.

Up to a point where they reach the 4th rank, Wrath members aren't close to being as trained as a League of Assassins member, they are however taught martial arts among special swordsmanship and stealth techniques.

The Wrath squad is led by Wareeth al Ghul, Phoenix who has to stop the war in order to complete his ascension as Ra's al Ghul and gain resources and power he couldn't fathom.


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