Bidam Kaneko - Phoenix

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Bidam Kaneko - Phoenix

Post  RavenCorella on 30/5/2015, 15:49

Character info
IC name: Bidam Kaneko
Code name: Phoenix
Chosen faction: The Blue Empire
Shadow Walker: None
Preferred weapon: Katana
Special title: The Reborn one -

Personalized character

Download my skin mod. Preview in the avatar/signature. download/mxxxirrg37y5hw9/Phoenix.rar

Character story
Bidam Kaneko was born at the beginning of the 20th century. His adopted father got arrested 'n his mum died. He was adopted by the Grandmaster of the Tenno who turned out to be his actual father. He trained for years and as he grew up, ascended through the hierarchy of the Tenno clan, soon becoming the apprentice.
As the clan's grandmaster/his father died, he got the leadership eventually and came to San Andreas in order to pursue some criminals he suspected for his clan's massacre.

In San Andreas, things didn't turn out that well because of the war, thus Bidam had to struggle to keep the Tenno alive. Later on, an accident occured and Bidam went missing, everyone believing him to be dead. Months later, he reappeared as the "reborn' one and continued his fight in the war as Phoenix.
In 1957, he came across the blade of Ra's al Ghul which started a conflict between Phoenix and The League of Assassins. The fight ended up with Phoenix becoming Ra's Al Ghul's heir and apprentice and Phoenix was sent to San Andreas to stop the war in order to complete his ascension to Head of the Demon/Ra's al Ghul.
The war was far from over, but Wareeth al Ghul Phoenix gave his all in order to fight the real enemy and end the war once and for all.


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